Gorgeous Eagle Charm

Elegant, textured wings, strong talons and a glint in its eye - this gorgeous gold eagle charm features incredible detail and diamond cut properties that make it a strong stand out amongst its peers. Finding the perfect charm or pendant, like this gold eagle, is easy with David’s Gold’s exclusive design. This gold eagle charm is made from 14k solid yellow gold that is made to last and made to make a statement.

A Charm to Cherish Forever

An eagle can represent many things - purity, strength, nature, hope, nationalism, pride, etc. But no matter what an eagle means to you, this regal bird is special in its environment for being a mesmerizing bird of prey that flies high and has been held in high regard since the beginnings of the Native American culture in the United States.

Showcasing your appreciation and admiration for the regal eagle is simple with this gold eagle charm from David’s Gold. You’ll be eager to show off this 14k solid yellow gold piece as a charm or as a gold eagle pendant that is made to last. You will appreciate the intricate texture of each feather on the eagle’s strong wings and tail, as well as the patterned neck and shiny cubic zirconia gem that makes up the eye of the captivating eagle.

Purchasing Your Charm from David’s Gold

David’s Gold is proud to offer quality products like this stunning gold eagle charm, crafted with 14k solid yellow gold, made to last. We are committed to offering the highest quality jewelry pieces with solid craftsmanship and want you to be thrilled with your purchase. At David’s Gold, we are always happy to answer any questions you have before completing your order. Please contact David’s Gold at 213-627-2420.

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Metal 14K
Type (Necklace, Bracelet, Ring)Charm
Secondary Type ( Like Earrings-chandelier)Eagle Charm
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