Tri Color Rosary Bracelet

If you are looking for a quality and beautiful rosary bracelet to accompany you in your daily prayers, this could be the one. This tri-color rosary bracelet from David’s Gold is made to be worn and handled regularly while maintaining its superior quality. Featuring gold, silver and brass beads, with two charms representing Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, this lovely bracelet is perfect for everyday wear and special occasions alike.

A Quality, Faith-Based Piece

This tri-color piece is a 14k rosary bracelet, made from authentic gold. Like all of David’s Gold’s jewelry, there are no plated, fake or filler metals present. The gold, silver and brass rosary beads featured on the bracelet make following along your prayers simple and peaceful.

This lovely bracelet complements David’s Gold’s tri-color rosary necklace beautifully and may be worn with a variety of outfits given its versatile tri-color design, making it the perfect piece for you or to be given as a gift to a recipient looking to strengthen her faith. Featuring a fish lock, this 14k rosary bracelet allows for easy closure and removal.

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This tri-color rosary bracelet is the perfect way to represent your faith in a beautiful way every day. With a 14k rosary bracelet, you will enjoy a high-quality partner in prayer that is a lovingly crafted from genuine solid gold and outfitted with tri-color rosary beads. For questions about this item, please contact David’s Gold at 213-627-2420 or contact us online.

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More Information
ColorTri Color
Metal 14K
LockFish Lock
Type (Necklace, Bracelet, Ring)Rosario Bracelet
Secondary Type ( Like Earrings-chandelier)Rosary Bracelet
Type (Religious)Religious
NotesRosary Diamond Cut Bracelet
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