1. How to Color Coordinate With Different Gold Tones

    Gold jewelry is a classic staple of many wardrobes. In fact, it dates all the way back to ancient Egyptian civilization, where gold was a common jewelry material. Today, it is still an important part of our outfits in modern times. And while gold jewelry has remained, our senses of style have changed drastically over the years. Finding color combinations with gold within your own wardrobe can be an interesting and exciting task.

    Yellow Gold

    Yellow gold jewelry has a classic and timeless appeal. Finding color combinations with yellow gold means finding a palette that that is equally classic. Yellow gold jewelry is complemented well with rich jewel tones, like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. While you’ll find great contrast with black, it’s best to avoid neutral colors like grey and beige when trying to find ideal color combinations with gold, as these types of colors tend to dull the appearance of yellow gold.

    It’s also exciting to colors that match with gold jewelry among other pieces of jewelry. Beautiful diamond or cubic zirconia gemstones create stunning color combinations with yellow gold jewelry as well.

    White Gold

    There’s a stunning quality to white gold jewelry that makes it a popular choice for unique rings, bracelets, necklaces and chain jewelry. Finding color combinations with white gold that pair well requires an eye for style.

    White gold looks stunning and elegant when paired with classic silhouettes and designs like a little black dress, or clothing with gold accents and deep colors like burgundy and forest green. This may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t count out white clothing as a beautiful complement for your favorite pieces of white gold jewelry. While the aforementioned colors that match with white gold make some classic combinations, white gold is almost a universally flattering jewelry choice and will look stunning with just about anything in your wardrobe. Jewelry made from white gold also pairs beautifully with sparkly diamonds for a simple, tasteful piece.

    Rose Gold

    Rose gold has become a trendy and fun jewelry type to wear in lieu of traditional yellow or white gold pieces. Rose gold jewelry works beautifully as a contemporary statement piece and can also pair well with classic pieces of jewelry that you already wear regularly.

    To find jewelry color combinations with rose gold, consider first integrating a piece of multi-color jewelry into your collection, such as a delicate bracelet that features yellow, white and rose gold detailing. If you or your loved one is a true rose gold enthusiast, a forever piece like a diamond rose gold ring may make for the perfect proposal.

    The delicate femininity of rose gold jewelry makes it perfect for everyday wear, as well as easy to dress up for more formal occasions. It will make a statement no matter what you wear, so try pairing your rose gold pieces with neutral colors to help them pop — beige, black and even white attire will give your look a polished edge.

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  2. Perfect Jewelry Gifts for Christenings

    The celebration of a baby’s christening or baptism is a significant and special milestone in the eyes of God, as well as family and godparents. The holy sacrament of baptism represents the washing away of the child’s original sign and welcoming into the family of the church and the beginning of his or her spiritual journey in life.

    Finding a unique christening gift to mark this occasion is important, as the child will have the gift to mark a milestone that he or she may not remember otherwise. Offering the infant baby jewelry for the christening ceremony is a thoughtful gift that can be appreciated by the family and will photograph beautifully for memories that will be looked back upon for years to come. The child will also have a stunning token to remember the day of their christening in the future and the jewelry can serve as a wonderful symbol of his or her faith.

    Religious Rings

    Gifting a ring with a religious symbol, such as the Virgin Mary, to a child of faith is a beautiful way to commemorate the occasion of his or her christening and can be cherished by the child and his or her family for a lifetime. David’s Gold offers a wide selection of baby jewelry for christenings, which can make the perfect keepsake.

    These beautiful religious rings are made of solid 14K gold and are unique in their intricate detailing and dual-gold color design highlighting the stunning image of Virgin Guadalupe. Another stunning choice is a ring featuring hands in prayer, lovingly encircled with a heart-shaped design and cubic zirconia accents. Choosing a solid gold ring means investing in a high quality and unique christening gift that speaks for itself.

    Sentimental Rings

    Baby jewelry for christenings doesn’t have to feature a religious element and many people opt for jewelry with a more childlike and whimsical feel that will be a sentimental piece that can be treasured in the family.

    A sweet piece of jewelry, like a quality gold ring with a beautifully-crafted teddy bear and stunning gemstone at the center or a simple 14K gold ring with a simple baby feet design, offer the perfect amount of beauty and display of affection and love for the child celebrating his or her christening. David’s Gold also offers a beautiful selection of gold rings with unique accents that feature the words “baby,” “boy” or “girl” artfully incorporated into the designs that make lovely baby jewelry gifts for christenings.

    Baby Bracelets

    There’s something especially sweet and delicate about a baby bracelet that makes it the ideal gift of baby jewelry for a christening. These unique christening gifts are available in a wide variety of well-crafted and beautiful designs at David’s Gold.

    Choosing a tri-color baby bracelet, like one with multi-colored linked hearts and good luck images on a solid gold plate, will make for a stunning christening gift and piece that the child’s family will love to show off.

    Shop all of David’s Gold’s baby jewelry here.

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  3. What Goes Into Making the Perfect Gold Ring?

    What Goes Into Making the Perfect Gold Ring?

    In the world of jewelry, there is little else as well-known and perfectly classic as the simple gold ring. These pieces can be made in a variety of styles and from various types of gold, each resulting in a unique piece of jewelry with timeless elements. So, how are gold rings made?

    The Right Ingredients

    Before a gold ring can even begin to take shape, choosing quality materials is an important step. The overwhelming majority of gold used in jewelry is an alloy including other metals. 24 karat, or pure gold, is too soft and would scratch and bend too easily. 14k gold, a standard for jewelry production, actually contains 58.3%, or 14/24ths gold so that the finished jewelry is hard enough to hold its shape.

    So if 14k gold is 58% gold, what’s the rest? It depends on the jeweler making the gold ring, and the color of gold they’re looking to make. Ideally, you would want to have additional precious and semi-precious metals like silver, copper, and palladium to make a high-purity alloy. The percentage of these additional parts used will also affect its color. A higher amount of copper will result in rose gold, and using more silver will create white gold.

    Premium jewelers like David’s Gold will also use only solid gold, never filled, plated, or fake. The use of high-quality gold, such as the 14k gold found in all of our products, is an ideal starting point when crafting the perfect gold ring.

    It’s also necessary to have a design in mind when considering how your gold rings are to be made. Have an appropriate ring mold to fit the desired design.

    Making a Gold Ring

    Making a gold ring is a precise and fascinating process, but is easy to picture with some simplified basic steps:

    1. The first step is to create the perfect mold, or casting, that will form the ring in the desired shape.

    2. Then, using a ceramic melting crucible cup (which can withstand very high temperatures), the gold is carefully melted.

    3. Once the gold material is melted, it is poured into the casting to create the desired ring shape and design.

    4. Once cool, the ring will be formed and can be removed from the mold.

    5. Additional gold or other high-quality materials may be used to create rims for jewel settings, grooves or other designs that make the ring unique.

    6. Next, diamonds, stones or other adornments to the ring are carefully added.

    7. Finally, a ring is cleaned in hot water and polished to look its best. Voilà!

    A Beautiful Product

    Making a gold ring that you will want to cherish and wear forever is a painstaking and highly individualistic process that requires experience, excellent quality materials and an eye for stunning designs. Now that you have an idea of how gold rings are made, feel free to browse the beautiful, premium quality 14k gold ring selection at David’s Gold today.

    Gold rings are a classic and timeless piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe. They are perfect to gift for everyone ranging from a newborn baby to a beloved family member or partner and can be worn every day and for special occasions alike.

    At David’s Gold, we are committed to offering heirloom-quality jewelry at affordable prices and specialize in making elaborate and interesting gold products. For example, each of our men’s gold rings begin with a solid yellow gold base and are then transformed into intricately-designed pieces, ranging from classic to bold. Our ladies’ rings come in both yellow and white gold options, each with stunning detail. We also offer kids’ and babies’ rings to commemorate the birth, baptism and other milestones in a child’s life.

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  4. Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

    Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

    Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift ideas for her? Finding a gift that adequately shows the depth of your affection on the day of love requires both a thoughtful and romantic Valentine’s Day gift. While flowers and chocolates are nice in the moment, few gifts can be cherished and appreciated for as long as a fine jewelry piece.

    Rings, earrings, and necklaces are popular choices for gifts any woman would love to receive from her special someone. Here are a few types and designs to consider.

    Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

    There’s nothing that says “I love you” more clearly and deeply than stunning diamond jewelry. The beautiful shine and significance of diamonds don’t have to just be limited to engagement rings, either. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat the special lady in your life to a piece of precious gemstone jewelry — she is sure to be wowed by such a romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

    No matter her style, a piece of beautiful diamond jewelry is a classic Valentine’s gift idea for her to enjoy. A pair of stunning 14k white gold and diamond earrings offer an elegant sparkle for special occasions and are an especially thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. A sleek and delicate 14k white gold diamond bangle adds a touch of sparkle and polish to any look, while a stylish flower ring with 1.03 carats in diamonds is a stunning statement piece that she will love to show off.

    Be Her Stud

    Gifting your sweetheart a pair of elegant stud earrings is an impeccable and romantic Valentine's Day gift for the special lady who appreciates both wearability a refined look. Earring studs are an excellent choice for fitting every woman’s personal style and taste — each would make perfect Valentine’s gift ideas for her.

    If your belle appreciates quality gold jewelry to complement any outfit or occasion, she will be speechless when you give her a pair of trendy 14k solid gold telephone stud earrings. Give an extra sweet pair of heart-shaped cubic zirconia studs to always remind her of your love when she wears them. And you’ll be sure to steal her heart with a pair of stunning fuschia stones set in delicate 14k gold hearts.

    A Love Meant to Last

    Oftentimes, the simplest expression of love is what will make the biggest impact when it comes to Valentine’s gift ideas for her. If your beloved appreciates no-fuss jewelry that delivers a big impression in a simple package, a necklace can be considered the most thoughtful of Valentine’s Day gifts you could choose from.

    The simply sweet symbolism of a beautifully-crafted heart-shaped necklace or a delicate bracelet with finely-made infinity symbols representing the eternity of your love together is a no-fuss way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    No matter which beautiful David’s Gold’s item you choose to gift your special lady on Valentine’s Day, you will know that you are selecting a piece of superior quality and craftsmanship that she will be able to treasure over the many years of your love.

    The jewelry experts at David’s Gold have been helping to enhance Valentine’s day with fine jewelry gifts for over 30 years. We welcome you to contact us online or give us a call at 213-627-2420 for any questions or gift giving advice.

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  5. Learn More About Rosaries

    Learn More About Rosaries

    When you give or receive beautiful rosary bead jewelry, it's important to know the significance of these special pieces. Every bead and piece has been carefully selected for your rosary bead jewelry to help the wearer strengthen his or her faith and deepen their relationship with God. Every bead on a rosary represents a special prayer to be said in a specific order. For example, the crucifix on a rosary signals where prayer should begin with the sign of the cross and recitation of the Apostles’ Creed.

    The Significance of the Rosary

    While the exact origins of the Rosary are not known, throughout history there have been instances of people of faith using beads and other physical symbols to represent prayer. In modern times, the rosary bead jewelry is used as a beautiful symbol of devotion to God and can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace by people of faith and used to guide them through prayer in their everyday lives and on special occasions.

    Finding a quality rosary, such as a traditional golden rosary, can help you maintain and grow your faith through regular prayer and serve as a beautiful reminder of your relationship with God. Rosaries are also often given as traditional gifts on special religious occasions, such as a child's first communion, the day of a couple's wedding or for a young lady's quinceañera.

    How to Pray the Rosary

    The first prayer of the rosary, the Apostles Creed, talks about the mysteries of the Catholic faith and should be said while holding the crucifix, following the sign of the cross.

    After reciting the Apostles’ Creed, the second prayer begins with the bead directly above the crucifix on your rosary bead jewelry. This bead signifies where should recite the “Our Father” prayer.

    The following three beads represent the “Hail Mary” prayer; and next you should say the “Glory Be to the Father” on the large bead.

    The following large bead represents the Fatima prayer “Oh My Jesus.”

    This will be followed by the first rosary mystery and the recitation of the “Our Father” prayer.

    The next 10 small beads, also known as a “decade,” refer to a “Hail Mary” prayer each while reflecting on the mystery of the rosary.

    When you reach the next large bead, again recite the “Glory Be to the Father” and the Fatima prayer.

    Your prayers will then continue following the same pattern, but you will substitute the next mystery each time you reach the appropriate bead.

    Once your mystery prayers have been completed, conclude by reciting the “Hail Holy Queen” prayer and end with the sign of the cross.

    Finding a Quality Rosary

    When looking for a rosary, for yourself or as a gift, be sure to carefully research and inspect the jewelry to ensure high quality and craftsmanship. Rosary bead jewelry is something that you will treasure and handle often throughout your life, so you want to ensure that the product is able to withstand everyday use and stay beautiful for special occasions.

    Shop quality and affordable golden rosary necklaces and bracelets at David’s Gold.

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  6. Types of Stylish Quinceañera Jewelry

    Types of Stylish Quinceañera Jewelry

    A young lady’s sweet 15, or her quinceañera, is a paramount milestone in her life, representing her maturity and larger role in her family and through the eyes of God. Celebrating this beautiful and memorable event is made extra special with a thoughtful gift to help the birthday girl look back fondly on the day of her quinceañera.

    Rosaries, rings, necklaces, and bracelets are all traditional types of stylish quinceañera gifts. David’s Gold specializes in these types of jewelry and offers many pieces made especially for the sweet 15 birthday girl in 14k gold she can treasure for a lifetime. In addition to our beautiful individual rosary bracelets and necklaces, 15 años rings and charms; we offer perfectly coordinated quinceañera jewelry sets that will make her feel like a princess.

    Beautiful Jewelry Sets

    Giving the birthday girl stunning jewelry for her quinceañera is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion and give her a keepsake that she will treasure for years to come.

    The trendiness and stunning detail of our tri-color jewelry pieces make the perfect gifts that can be mixed and matched for a lovely quinceañera jewelry set.

    A beautiful diamond cut tri-color rosary necklace made from 14k solid gold and no fillers paired with a delicate tri-gold 15 años bracelet make ideal jewelry for quinceañera gifts because they celebrate both the growth of her faith and the special personal milestone she has reached. She may use the rosary as a beautiful necklace to wear on any occasion and as a partner in prayer. Both pieces in this eye-catching quinceañera jewelry set feature delicate qualities for the stylish young lady.

    A 14k solid gold ring adorned with cubic zirconia gemstones and silver dolphin details can be gifted alongside a beautiful charm with dual color dolphins and similar cubic zirconia accent jewels for a touching quinceañera jewelry set. These two high-quality items are brought together further with their two-tone gold elements and elegant “15” numbers at the center to commemorate her milestone.

    For the young lady who enjoys a pop of bright feminine color and sparkle in her accessories, gifting her a beautiful sweet 15 ring and matching huggies earrings are sure to make her smile on the day of her big celebration and beyond. This lovely quinceañera jewelry set is perfect for her to accessorize a birthday outfit and the ring and earrings may also be worn for other special occasions. In addition to the beautifully bright pink stones, each piece is made from 14k solid gold and features sparkly cubic zirconia stones for more standout style.

    A Time to Remember

    The celebration of a young lady’s quinceañera is made memorable with gifts that are as special and unique as she is. David’s Gold offers a wide selection of beautifully crafted quinceañera jewelry sets that perfectly fit the birthday girl’s tastes and style, while offering her exceptional quality in jewelry made for quinceañeras. Finding lovely stylish jewelry is a breeze with options for every girl on her sweet 15 and you can count on the top quality, craftsmanship and value of each piece of jewelry you purchase from David’s Gold.

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  7. Traditional Quinceañera Gifts

    Quinceañera Jewelry Traditions

    Celebrating a girl’s coming of age when she turns 15 with a beautiful quinceañera is a special and memorable time in her life for her and her family and friends. This is a huge milestone that marks her taking on adult roles in her life and in her family that deserves to be commemorated with traditional quinceañera gifts that she can treasure for years to come.

    A meaningful gift on the occasion of a young lady’s quinceañera is a jewelry piece or set that will serve as both a beautiful and stylish accessory for her to don long after her celebration and a priceless keepsake to remind her of her faith and the special memories of her fiesta. Here are a few meaningful and memorable ways you can contribute to her special day with a jewelry gift.

    A Celebration of Faith

    An important element of a young lady’s quinceañera is her embracing of her faith and religion in a mature, special way. A lovely way to celebrate her devotion to her faith, and in particular, to the Virgin Mother Mary, is to gift her a beautiful rosary.

    A meaningful rosary is one of the most traditional quinceañera gifts and is a piece of jewelry with a special meaning for a quinceañera. Each beautifully-crafted bead on a quality rosary, like this solid yellow gold rosary necklace, represents a special prayer.

    A rosary necklace may be worn or carried throughout the birthday girl’s entire life to remind her of her faith and allow her to turn to it when she wants to strengthen her relationship with the Virgin Mary and God. When she wears a tri-color rosary necklace or diamond-cut rosary necklace, she will be reminded of the importance of her faith and remember her quinceañera fondly.

    A Wearable Memento

    Another beautiful way to show your love for a young lady on the occasion of her quinceañera is to gift her a stunning rosary bracelet. A rosary bracelet is another piece of quinceañera jewelry that has a significant meaning on her special day.

    The beauty of a stunning rosary bracelet, such as this 14k solid gold diamond cut bracelet with tri-color beads, is that the young lady may wear her beautiful jewelry wherever she goes. The high quality of a David’s Gold’s traditional quinceañera gift like this one makes it long-lasting and perfect to wear for many occasions.

    In addition to featuring beautiful rosary beads for prayer, bracelets like this yellow gold one, include emblems of the Virgin Mary and engravings to remind the wearer of the significance of the Holy Land. She will be able to engage in prayer wherever she is and view the beauty of her meaningful quinceañera jewelry at any time.

    A Charming Keepsake

    Finding a delicate and special birthday gift for a young lady on the occasion of her quinceañera to represent the importance of the special day and can also serve as the perfect memento and traditional quinceañera gift. With a stunning solid 14k gold charm with beautiful engravings and accents, she will feel like the princess she is and have a sweet keepsake to treasure and display forever.

    David’s Gold’s beautiful sweet 15 charms are available in a variety of beautiful designs, so you can choose the one that fits her personality and style. Browse our entire selection of stunning charms, which include “15 Años,” floral, tri-color, dolphins, holy symbol engravings and more, to find one that she will be sure to love for years to come. Each design is lovingly crafted to ensure the highest quality and longevity, as we know the birthday girl will want to admire her beautiful traditional quinceañera gift as a reminder of her quinceañera for many years.

    15 Años Rings to Remember

    Gifting the birthday girl a stunning ring to remember as a traditional quinceañera gift that has special significance is a wonderful way to celebrate her milestone. David’s Gold specializes in creating wearable and quality quinceañera jewelry with a special meaning, including exquisite rings that she can wear on the day of her birthday and for many occasions afterward.

    At David’s Gold, each piece of jewelry, including these beautifully crafted sweet 15 rings, are made to be long-lasting pieces of jewelry that are both a keepsake and strikingly stylish. We know that she will want to continue to wear her traditional quinceañera gift ring long into adulthood. Our large selection of 15 años rings are made from 14k gold without fillers or fake gold, so they maintain the highest quality.

    If the birthday girl loves some extra sparkle in her jewelry, a fancy tri-color ring with glittering cubic zirconia stones may be the perfect and meaningful piece of quinceañera jewelry. If she prefers girly details and a delicate feel to her pieces, a sweet solid two-tone gold ring adorned with a bow and heart-shaped charm would make the perfect traditional quinceañera gift. An outgoing birthday girl who loves a pop of bright color in her wardrobe would be over the moon to receive a sweet 15 ring with a textured band design and stunning pink heart-shaped stone at the center.

    Sweet 15 Bracelets

    Gifting a Sweet 15 birthday girl a solid gold bracelet at her quinceañera makes a memorable and lifelong traditional quinceañera gift for her to adore. Our bracelets at David’s Gold range from more subtle and delicate to bold and beautiful for every young lady’s personality and style.

    A beautifully-detailed tri-color 15 anos bracelet with a delicate inscription and intricate heart and floral designs can be worn for any occasion and remind the young lady of the celebration of her quinceañera. For the young lady desiring more sparkle, cubic zirconia accents on a girly tri-color bracelet can be the perfect fit. The texture and detail on a two-color bracelet with some added shine will serve as a stunning reminder of her big day.

    Gifts to Remember

    No matter what you decide to offer as a traditional quinceañera gift on a special young lady’s sweet 15, make sure it’s something that’s personal to her and that she will want to wear and appreciate for many years to come. Each piece of jewelry at David’s Gold is made from solid 14k gold and crafted to be durable and beautiful while offering the wearer meaningful quinceañera jewelry that she will stand out in.

    If you have questions about any of our jewelry, please call David’s Gold at 213-627-2420 or contact us online.

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