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  1. Chains
    Precio especial 1.456,64 $ Precio habitual 4.369,92 $
  2. Chains
    Precio especial 149,30 $ Precio habitual 447,90 $
  3. Chains
    Precio especial 242,10 $ Precio habitual 726,30 $
  4. Chains
    Precio especial 129,12 $ Precio habitual 387,36 $
  5. Chains
    Precio especial 80,70 $ Precio habitual 242,10 $
  6. Chains
    Precio especial 64,56 $ Precio habitual 193,68 $
  7. Chains
    Precio especial 133,16 $ Precio habitual 399,48 $
  8. Chains
    Precio especial 56,49 $ Precio habitual 169,47 $
  9. Chains
    Precio especial 44,39 $ Precio habitual 133,17 $
  10. Chains
    Precio especial 189,65 $ Precio habitual 568,95 $
  11. Chains
    Precio especial 108,95 $ Precio habitual 326,85 $
  12. Chains
    Precio especial 121,05 $ Precio habitual 363,15 $
  13. Chains
    Precio especial 60,53 $ Precio habitual 181,59 $
  14. Chains
    Precio especial 84,74 $ Precio habitual 254,22 $
  15. Chains
    Precio especial 40,35 $ Precio habitual 121,05 $
  16. Chains
    Precio especial 242,10 $ Precio habitual 726,30 $

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If you’re shopping for high-quality gold and silver jewelry, you’ll find a selection of intricate white gold chain necklaces, as well as various designs of silver and gold chains at David’s Gold. We stock a variety of single, double and tri-color chains ensures you’ll find a piece that shines from every angle. Whether you’re in the market for a classic, single-color chain or a detailed, multi-color one, our range of chains perfect for your polished style.

Silver, Yellow and White Gold Chain Necklaces

Our varied selection of chains ranges in color from yellow, white and rose gold to silver. Because we also carry a number of chains with two or three colors weaved into the design, you can dress to impress with a finely detailed chain for every occasion. You can complete your look with a white gold chain necklace or opt for a gold bracelet laced with diamonds to make a statement every time.

Authentic and Sophisticated

Our online collection of solid gold and silver chains are of the highest quality. They’re never plated, filled, or fake, ensuring you get only the best with David’s Gold. We stock a variety of chain lengths, so you can opt for a necklace with a brilliant shine or a bracelet with a sophisticated look for a flawless fit.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our collection of gold and silver chains, so please don’t hesitate to connect with the team at David’s Gold today.