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David’s Gold is a trusted source for jewelry in the heart of Los Angeles, California. With over thirty years of expertise as a top distributor and retailer, we can always help you find the right pieces.

Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewelry

Because we offer a selection of gold, silver and diamond jewelry, you can browse our online store to find exactly what you’re looking for at David’s Gold. Our stunning selection of wholesale 14K yellow gold jewelry in particular ensures that you’ll make a spectacular buy every time. At David’s Gold, we believe that a mix of personal taste, styling and design informs every jewelry purchase, which is why our team provides pieces to suit customers from all walks of life in Los Angeles. We invite you to explore our fine jewelry today to find quality pieces at great prices right here at David’s Gold.

Quality Meets Value

David’s Gold is a celebrated source for heirloom-quality jewelry designed to be treasured for many years to come. We specialize in combining quality and value across our collections of 14K yellow gold jewelry available wholesale or through individual orders. Because we also don’t sell fake, filled, or plated gold, you can always be assured that our pieces are designed with authentic, solid gold.

Chains, Charms, Necklaces, & Rings

Given that we specialize in 14K yellow gold jewelry, we’re pleased to offer an indulgent array of gold chains, charms, necklaces and rings. We’ve built our reputation in providing the highest quality chains, charms, necklaces, rings, and more! And our team is always happy to answer questions about the essential items at David’s Gold. In addition to these fine gold jewelry pieces, we’ll also help you find your perfect accessory from our compelling range of religious designs. Our exquisite selection of religious jewelry is featured alongside our charming collection of classic pieces, giving you the most gorgeous treasures for every occasion, from christenings to quinceaneras!  

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At David’s Gold, we provide premium gold and diamond pieces to jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate both our expertise in wholesale 14K yellow gold jewelry and our superior customer service. Because we want every customer to feel confident in each purchase, our team draws from over thirty years in the business to help you find the perfect pieces among our extensive collection. We also aim to make shoppers feel welcome and at home with our personalization  services, as they shop our unique selection of jewelry. As an online boutique with extensive experience and a reputation for quality and trust among our customers, we’ll help you choose the perfect jewelry to commemorate special occasions for you and your loved ones.